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13 Settembre, 2022

Training is important for any professional, but even more for those who train other people. We asked Paolo Napoli – JPS Partner – and Rob van StratumSupply Chain Education Managing Partner – to explain us why, in their view, it is important, in order to make the training truly effective, not only to be an expert on the contents but to also have transversal competences and skills.

Rob, Paolo, you are two experienced ASCM Master Instructors of Training: why ASCM instructors need to be trained?

Paolo: I believe that ASCM leadership in education and training for Supply Chain professional results from a combination of different factors in the learning experience of participants: contents, materials, exam format, on-line LMS are all examples of single pieces that combined together make the overall puzzle. But instructors, in my view, are paramount to make any class – no matter if virtual or face to face – a fruitful experience. And being an expert on the content is not the only ingredient of the recipe that gives taste to the trainer’s performance: professionalism in communication, accuracy in preparing lesson plans, ability in dealing with challenging situations are some of the multiple requirements that ASCM requires to its instructors.

Rob: completely agreed with Paolo. Training, instruction or the transfer of knowledge is a profession that can be learned

Talented instructors make every session a memorable experience. Is this the secret of a great trainer?

Paolo: I don’t think so. Or, to say better, I don’t believe that talent is enough: there is a lot of technique in this job. I was not aware about the importance of understanding neuroscience, emotional intelligence, time management and many other tools that every instructor should be familiar with. Having the chance to study these contents contributed enormously to enhance my performance. And being an instructor for other instructors makes me always work with great professionals by whom I learn more every time I deliver a Train The Trainer or other similar workshops.

Rob: Talent is necessary but not sufficient. You have to know your own strong and weak points, of course to improve your weak points! and training is also the usage of many tools and techniques and you have to know which tool is best in which situation.

Can you please better explain why Training is different than Education?

Paolo: Training someone is much more than teaching a content: is making sure that the individuals in front of you we’ll be able to apply the knowledge and make an impact in the organization where they work. I’ve been educated when I was at university, but the day after I graduated I learned that the road to be effective was still long to walk… The key difference among education and training stands in the Affirmation step: the one where learners show they can show the effect of the new content. A big jump forward

Rob: Indeed, if you really can help and improve the business that sent you to the course and in most cases paid for it, by application of the new things you learnt that is the best that can happen, and that is the effect of training.

Train The Trainer, Learning Dynamics for Instructors, Applied Instructor Skills are the names of the three courses that ASCM offers to its instructors. Why, in your opinion, the three steps are relevant to an instructor?

Rob: I will speak about the first two courses, that I have taught many times: TTT is the building block (and is required to teach an APICS class): even though basic, it is frequently an eye opener for many professionals that feel absolutely confident about the technical contents of their lessons, but soon discover that many improvement opportunities can really propel their performance. LDI (Learning Dynamics for Instructors) allows to understand the why’s behind the basic technique. The Kolb assessment for the learning styles is an example of tools that really help instructors to look at their participants – and their own lesson plans – by a completely different perspective.

Paolo: I am an AIS instructor, and this is a course I love. AIS challenges the status quo: what about switching from the traditional format of listening the instructor and practicing home to the flipped version: studying home first and the applying with peers, tutored by an instructor?

Do you believe these courses are useful for ASCM instructor only?

Paolo: Absolutely not: training adults happens much more frequently than one may think. And not only in a work environment. Those skills I’ve learned during these classes contributed dramatically to improve my performance as a team member, a team leader and an effective communicator to customers, bosses, colleagues and… friends!

Rob: I have been an academic instructor for 25 years and when APICS started with the Instructor Development Plan and TTT/LDI and AIS I thought that I would be exempted but I was not and had to follow all the classes. And it was real fun and an eyeopener for me and I took a lot of the courses home and showed them to my colleague teachers and even they started to use them. So I am convinced that the courses are useful for any didactical activity.

To give to people interested in becoming ASCM instructor the opportunity to gain the competences and skills we have talked about, JPS and Supply Chain Education are organizing, for next autumn, an edition of the APICS TTT course and one of the APICS LDI course. Both courses will take place in Florence at JPS headquarter. So you can learn a lot and also enjoy a really interesting Sunday in Florence!

The APICS TTT course will be held on the following dates:

  • Lesson 1: 18th November 2022 from 9AM to 5PM CET
  • Lesson 2: 19th November 2022 from 9AM to 5PM CET

The APICS LDI course will take place in the following dates:

  • Lesson 1: 21st November 2022 from 9AM to 5PM CET
  • Lesson 2: 22nd Novembre 2022 from 9AM to 5PM CET

For more information on the courses, please write to

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