18 Aprile 2021

Hans Kremer, the inventor of The Fresh Connection

Hans Kremer, Inchainge Partner

Hans Kremer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He started out in operational roles in manufacturing planning and control, and spent quite a number of years in the supply chain trenches. Later followed by management positions in various industries: Logistics Services, Steel, Glass, Automotive, Food and Hightech. In those years his responsibilities included production planning, inventory control and customer service. He also participated actively in a number of ERP implementations and improvement projects.

In 1999 Hans decided it was about time he refreshed what he (thought he) knew about Supply Chain Management. In the following years he became Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM), followed by Certified in Integrated Resources Management (CIRM), and he finally earned his Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) designation.

Past his mid thirties he started his own business in interim management, training and consulting. He became an APICS instructor during that time as well. It was in 2008 that Hans first heard about The Fresh Connection, the world’s leading supply chain training simulation. He was interested instantly and together with Egge Haak, the initiator of The Fresh Connection, he started working on international expansion. These career choices have taken him to all continents on the globe, where he delivers training to practitioners as well as to (senior) managers and to executives.

Since 2010 Hans is a Partner at Inchainge, the company that develops and markets The Fresh Connection as well as The Cool Connection, another simulation focused on bridging the physical and financial supply chain. Hans is co-responsible for business development, engaged in the development of new (content for) simulations, training programs, and trainer.

Hans lives in The Netherlands, is married and has a daughter.

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