14 August 2020

Bronze medal at “The Fresh Connection Global Challenge 2019” for instructors

Bronze medal at "The Fresh Connection Global Challenge 2019" for instructors

The business simulation The Fresh Connection is the perfect playground for the challenge to transform a Supply Chain:

There is a company not performing as expected: sales strategies, material flow, inventory management, capacity allocation, agreements with suppliers are only some of the critical aspects to improve.

There are 4 players and their team strategies to bring back on black the bottom line and maximize the Return on Investments.

Every year, all “The Fresh Connection” instructors challenge each other during the “The Global Challenge”: on 2019, three JPS instructors where part of the iFruit team, together with Yaron Nachmana (Practical SCM): they won the 3rd place overall, outperforming competitors from all over the world.

Let’s find out who were the members of this great team and their game tactics.

The secret of their success? The awareness that alignment and collaboration have the power to destroy the silos between company functions and generate virtuous collaborative processes.

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