21 April 2021

Why you should be Certified Supply Chain Professional

With more than 20,000 professionals qualified over 10 years, APICS CSCP, Certified Supply Chain Professional, has become a globally recognised international reference point, best in its class for its coverage of end-to-end Supply Chain analysis, from suppliers to final customers; it is the professional certification with the highest growth rate in the sector. APICS CSCP progam is focused on fundamental topics that who works in this field should know. To name a few:

  • APICS CSCP aims to align Supply Chain and Business Strategy
  • APICS CSCP is strickly focused on Demand Management, Material and Capacity Planning
  • APICS CSCP helps you with enhancing your knowledge in Channel Network Design

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What requirements should I have to get the CSCP designation?

To access the exam and thus certify your knowledge in the Supply Chain field, you must demonstrate that you have the minimum requirements of experience. For this purpose, you have to register on apics.org and submit the relevant eligibility application. To get the APICS CSCP eligibility, you must have:

  • 3 years of related business experience
  • or Bachelor’s degree or the international equivalent
  • or CLTD, CPIM, CFPIM, CIRM, SCOR-P, C.P.M., CSM or CPSM designations


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