Every year, we assign the JPS APICS Top Performer Award to those professionals who, after attending a training course, better perform the exam to obtain their APICS certificationCPIM, CSCP or CLTD. We collected their opinions regarding APICS programs, the goals they achieved thanks to the deep knowledge of Supply Chain Management and distinction they got thanks to APICS CPIM, CSCP or CLTD designation.


JPS, APICS e le opinioni sulle certificazioni


APICS certifications: why Supply Chain experts choose them

Before you start your APICS CPIM, APICS CSCP or APICS CLTD learning experience, you might have many questions regarding the reason your colleagues suggested precisely an APICS certification. Companies really know the value that a global designation can give to those brilliant employees capable of passing an APICS exam and become more skilled.
We did an interview to several professionals who are by now APICS certified. There is a common opinion among them: a globally recognized title like an APICS certification can truly help understanding how to manage a Supply Chain strategy. It also encourages managers to make a step forward in their career.

Ivan Lavatelli , Consultant at PwC – JPS APICS Top Performer CPIM 2016 says:

“We chose APICS because we wanted to standardize the skills of our teams, and we made it through the most remarkable Association for Supply Chain Management and its professional concept […]” … Full interview (Italian)



Massimiliano Barberis, Managing Director at Shire – JPS APICS Top Performer CSCP 2016, says:

“APICS certifications are not more expensive than other professional courses, but the difference is that studying for an APICS exam takes long. During the whole learning experience, you have the right time to manage your studies and this make APICS courses more effective than others […]” … Full interview (Italian)


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