21 January 2020

How creativity boosts companies’ innovation

APICS announced ASCM, and among all the challenging news that are becoming real in 2019, innovation will be one of the most significant. At the last APICS Annual Conference in Chicago, Marc Randolph, ex-CEO at Netflix, drawn a new character: the innovator, the person in charge of communication, team working, success and even companies’ fail. Randolph inspired also our imagination. The question is: what is innovation without imagination?

Lego Serious Play info JPS

Imagination and creativity to increase companies’ growth

Think about a common circumstance. There is always someone who talks too much. There is always someone who is too shy to tell the others his, or her, opinion. There is always someone who doesn’t pay attention to what the others say and there is always someone scrolling the smartphone. This is very common during meetings and company presentations. Thus, you will only waste time, but there is a way to catch all the diverse people point of view: let people use creativity and imagination.

Innovation needs ideas and companies need innovation. Lego Serious Play can satisfy both needs. With Lego Serious Play, every participant strickly have to interact with the others, and should develop creativity to add value to all the provided solutions. This is the way to find out the right solution to make projects work, to make people work together. Lego Serious Play is also fun: everybody likes playing Lego!


How Lego Serious Play works

We can’t really communicate the huge power of Lego Serious Play among companies with a few words. Many corporates around the World have already tried Lego Serious Play method. Many companies let their teams being inspired by using the popular Lego bricks.

We added Lego Serious Play to our education proposal, thanks to the official enabler of this innovative methodology. Lego Serious Play public and private courses will be available soon.

For further information, please contact us.

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