21 April 2021

For over ten years, JPS consultants have obtained optimal results in numerous technology implementation projects to support businesses in a variety of various sectors, including manufacturing and services, for small and large, national and international companies.
The great value that JPS brings to these initiatives is:

  • its ability to facilitate communication between business and technology partners to ensure a detailed analysis and definition of needs and a clear understanding of the technological solution to be configured;
  • the definition of IT processes with reference to international best practices in manufacturing;
  • its support with the management of the project across all its phases and activities, including feasibility studies, planning, internal coordination, vendor management, risk management and so on;
  • JPS aids companies to introduce the technologies, selecting the most effective applications and the most suitable supplier;
  • JPS guides the operational activities of both companies introducing technologies and those implementing them.

Frequent solutions include Enterprise Resource Planning, complementary applications such as Business Intelligence tools, specific Operations Management modules (e.g. Advanced Planning and Scheduling, Manufacturing Resource Planning, Manufacturing Execution System) and Supply Chain Management (e.g. Customer Relationship Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Product Configuration…).


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