Basic level of APICS for Instructors program

The APICS Train the Trainer module is the basic level of the ‘APICS for Instructors’ program developed by the supply chain management association APICS to train their own instructors.

Over the 2-day course, participants learn techniques for managing communication to a group of people by transforming a traditional frontal teaching session into an valuable interactive experience based on active listening.

Course participants are active protagonists that put principles into practice and evaluate each other during the session.

On completion of the course, JPS, as APICS Premier Channel Partner, will issue an internationally recognized certificate of participation.


The instructor, Master Instructor of APICS, is an expert that will guide you on a highly interactive and engaging journey, during which you will study:

  • the processes of education and training
  • the concept of learning objectives and lesson planning and design
  • the selection and appropriate use of media to support a training session
  • the typical learning styles of adults
  • techniques for better communication and motivation
  • techniques to deal with challenging situations
  • training and trainer evaluation


Train The Trainer course – Full program

Lesson 1: Introduction to Train the Trainer

  • Introductions
  • Instructor and Learner Agreements
  • Learning Insights and Action Items

Lesson 2: Basics of Successful Training

  • Attributes of Successful Training
  • The Training Steps
  • Effective Communication
  • Stages of Interpersonal Communication
  • Components of Communication
  • Questioning

Lesson 3: Learning Objectives and Lesson Plans

  • Learning Objectives
  • The Lesson Plan

Lesson 4: Media Basics

  • Structuring the Physical Environment
  • Using Media Effectively

Lesson 5: Practice Instruction

  • Five-minute Presentations

Lesson 6: Learning Styles and Motivation

  • Learning Styles
  • Motivation

Lesson 7: Instructor Logistics

  • Instructor Preparation
  • Lesson Plans as a Time Management Tool
  • Training Challenges
  • APICS Instructor Development Program
  • Training Evaluations

Lesson 8: Practice Instruction

  • 10-minute Presentations
  • Course Review


APICS Train The Trainer courses in Europe

WHEN: The course consists of 2 classroom intensive day.

Next classes: Prague – October, 30-31 2020

Registration deadline: October,2 2020

For more information, write to:

HOW: JPS is the Premier Channel Partner of APICS and uses only original APICS training materials, developed on the basis of international best practice and the experience of the instructors and programme coordinators. Training sessions are highly interactive and engaging, to maximise learning.

WHO: JPS is a European leader in Operations and Supply Chain training. In this capacity, JPS is Premier Channel Partner of APICS – the most prestigious community for professional development and certification in the sector – and a Partner of the S&OP Institute. For each discipline, JPS selects instructors from its team on the basis of their specific skills and experience. JPS is the ideal partner for achieving APICS certification: its team of instructors is one of the five largest in Europe. Through its Master Instructor Training, JPS also offers training opportunities for other European APICS trainers and APICS International Channel Partners.


To receive more info related to TTT course, please contact:


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