21 April 2021

Risk Management training course, a brief introduction. Increasing competitiveness in all business sectors requires managerial figures not to limit themselves to specific skills related to their roles, but to expand their competence in order to manage risk, address threats and seize opportunities. In response to this need, in collaboration with WeRisk, which provides expert consulting and leadership training, we have included in our catalogue a risk management introductory course.

This course consists of a one-day workshop aimed at familiarizing participants with risk management tools and techniques and at facilitating them in comparing best practices and personal experiences.

The course includes a theoretical part and a practical part to examine and discuss real cases with specific exercises. For more details, go to: www.werisk.it


Risk Management training course content and organization

  • ­Risk management tools and techniques
  • ­Design and implementation of risk management processes across various business areas (e.g. Sales, Manufacturing, Purchasing)
  • ­Laws and regulations: Legislative Decree 231/01, ISO31000 and ISO9001:2015
  • ­Managing risk in SMEs
  • ­Attitudes to risk: Risk appetite and risk tolerance
  • Business case studies and simulations

To receive more details: www.werisk.it


WHERE: The Risk Management program is delivered both as an in-house course, at facilities provided by the applicant company and according to specific needs, and as an inter-company course, at JPS facilities at the main stations of Milan, Rome and Florence. Contact us for further information.

WHEN: The Risk Management course consists of a one-day workshop.

HOW: The course employs the didactic materials of WeRISK that are defined on the basis of international best practices and the experience of the instructors and programme coordinators. The training session is extremely interactive and engaging, maximizing its effectiveness.

In all the offered courses didactic materials include:

  • slide presentations
  • practical reference manuals in digital format prepared by the trainer following the session to give greater prominence to issues that were found to be the most challenging.

WHO: JPS’s courses in Risk Management are offered in collaboration with WeRisk, Risk Management professionals who have experience in the field at the highest levels of large multinational companies and who have support, in terms of training methodology, from JPS in the figure of Master Trainer of all Europe APICS instructors.


To receive more info related to Risk Management courses, please contact: formazione@jpsconsulting.it


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