Certified in Sales & Operations Planning training course

The CS&OP certification – issued by the S&OP Institute – is the only official and internationally recognized certification on the market identifying experts in the discipline of Sales & Operations Planning. The certification can be achieved by passing an exam (internet-based) authored by Tom Wallace, one of the founding members of the S&OP Institute and one of the pioneers of the discipline since its inception.

JPS, absolute leader in Italy and among the main leaders in Europe, organizes training courses for CS&OP certification in major Italian cities.

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What is the Sales & Operations Planning?

Sales & Operations Planning is a decisional process that:

  • Balances demand and supply
  • Integrates operational planning with economic/financial planning
  • Connects and makes consistent strategic choices and day-by-day decisions

A well-established tool among international best practices, S&OP is increasingly popular both in manufacturing and service companies. In order to be properly governed, where it exists, or effectively implemented, where it is lacking, S&OP requires specific skills and competences in dealing with the process' hard technical aspects and its softer ones, such as the ability to collaborate, to mediate and to find solutions in a cross-functional context.


Full program

In this educational program, all the essential topics for the correct implementation and management of the S&OP process are studied and applied:

  • Demand Planning
  • Supply Planning
  • Decision Making Processes
  • Global S&OP
  • S&OP in Matrix Organizations
  • S&OP Process Implementation


Our APICS Master Instructors – using the Global Professional Training framework developed by JPS, have designed a highly effective training course, structured in 2 phases:

  • S&OP theory
  • Practical application via the simulation The Fresh Connection

In this way, participants will have the opportunity to observe, reflect, do and consolidate: a guarantee of learning and retention.

The CS&OP programme is divided into 3 modules:

Demand Planning

  • How S&OP differs with the Manufacturing environments: MTS, MTO, ATO
  • Demand planning in: high seasonality, high cyclicality, new products
  • Differentiate between forecasting volume and forecasting mix
  • The planning time fence
  • Forecasting at family level

Supply Planning

  • Updating the Operations Plan based on the new forecast
  • Supply planning possible outcomes
  • Target inventory and/or backlog
  • The logic of Resource Requirements Planning, Bill of resources
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Aligned and non-aligned resources
  • Alternative scenarios

S&OP Decision Making

  • Understand that coordination is one of S&OP's primary roles
  • The relationship between S&OP and the Annual Business Plan (Financial Plan)
  • insight into the essential role of Top Management in S&OP
  • insight into how companies are using S&OP to manage difficult aspects of their businesses
  • Benefits (hard and soft) that companies are getting from the process
  • The logic, flow, and participants involved in the 5-step Executive S&OP process
  • The necessity of raising and resolving conflict – cooperatively
  • How to conduct an Exec Meeting effectively
  • Understand how Executive S&OP can help a company to anticipate the risk of supply chain disruptions, and to recover from them
  • Gain some insight into how Executive S&OP functions in non-standard environments
  • Understand how the process works in global organizations and very large organizations

To learn more about CS&OP content, download our brochure.


CS&OP training courses in Europe

WHERE: JPS offers public courses for limited numbers in major Italian cities and private in-house courses in venues and dates agreed with the client. Contact us for further information.

WHEN: The course is divided into 3 days of classroom activities over a span of 3 weeks. The first two days are consecutive, the third – in which The Fresh Connection is used – is planned for after two weeks.

HOW: For the study of theory and best practices, JPS uses original teaching material from the S&OP Institute curated by Tom Wallace – one of the undisputed pioneers and gurus of Sales & Operations Planning. The S&OP Business Experience is built on The Fresh Connection platform, used by numerous multinationals and the world’s leading applied sciences faculties – including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

WHO: JPS is a European leader in Operations and Supply Chain training. In this capacity, JPS is Premier Channel Partner of APICS – the most prestigious community for professional development and certification in the sector – and a Partner of the S&OP Institute. For each discipline, JPS selects instructors from its team on the basis of their specific skills and experience. JPS is the ideal partner for achieving APICS certification: its team of instructors is one of the five largest in Europe. Through its Master Instructor Training, JPS also offers training opportunities for other European APICS trainers and APICS International Channel Partners.

For further info, please write to: formazione@jpsconsulting.it


CS&OP exam tips

WHERE: The exams for achieving CS&OP certification can be take remotely, even from one's own home, using the Internet Based Testing tool.

WHEN: Exam slots can be scheduled with the maximum freedom and in complete autonomy by the participant.

HOW: To book the exam, contact JPS to request the activation of your credit.

WHO: The exam can be taken by all those who have activated it by through JPS.


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