21 April 2021

APICS and ASCM, what is happening in Supply Chain

APICS, the globally recognized organization for Supply Chain Management, in 2019, will be even more focused on Supply Chain improvement. The evolution of APICS is ASCM – the Association for Supply Chain Management.

JPS, APICS conference Chicago 2018

Something special is happening in Supply Chain

Something special is happening in Supply Chain” is the brand-new motto of ASCM. While APICS certifications – CPIM, CSCP and CLTD-, are becoming more and more successful around the World, ASCM will be the leading association for any projects focused on Supply Chain Transformation. Education is no longer a stand-alone program, because ASCM will provide big companies with a wide range of additional services, that will help the industry to embrace a more challenging environment.

We attended the last APICS Annual Conference in Chicago – September, 30 2018-, and it was exciting. APICS announced what is changing in Supply Chain Management, and how ASCM will work close to companies and Supply Chain experts all over the World.

JPS, Cosa cambia da APICS a ASCM, Marc Randolph keynote

ASCM: what is really changing?

What about APICS certifications? Here are presented the new programs that will make Supply Chain Management even more worth.

1. E-learning opportunities: APICS programs will be available remotely. This is a big news for those who want to attend APICS training courses with saving time and costs. JPS – APICS Premier Channel Partner – was selected to activate APICS e-Learning courses in 2019. Full instructions will be soon available on our website.

2. Innovation: Marc Randolph – CEO at Netflix until 2002 – has been one of the most appreciated guests during the last APICS Annual Conference. His speech was inspirational. He drawn a new character in Supply Chain Management: the innovator. He is the responsible of companies success, and even their fail. Innovation is also our priority, so stay tuned to discover more about innovating programs that will be available in 2019.

3. New APICS certifications: APICS will remain the leading brand in education. Further, by the side of the popular CPIM, CSCP and CLTD programs, new certifications will be launched soon to offer a wider range of opportunities and topics, such as procurement, thanks to the partnership with CIPS -, and DDMRP, thanks to the partnership with DDI.

4. Making an impact: a Supply Chain Manager’s behaviour can really make a positive (and even negative) impact on the World we are living. ASCM pays attention to sustainability and sign a partnership with Bill and Melissa Gates Foundation.

Making an Impact on Supply Chain with ASCM and JPS

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