25 January 2021

APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation & Distribution training course

APICS CLTD, Certified in Logistics, Transportation & Distribution, is the international certification for experts in Logistics, Transport and Distribution. The latest in the certifications concerning the Supply Chain – in which APICS is the undisputed world leader – APICS CLTD offers the most comprehensive and in-depth body of knowledge currently available, with a specific focus on issues of distribution logistics.

1. Objectives

2. Full program

3. APICS CLTD training courses in Europe

4. Calendar

5. APICS exam tips



  • To consolidate basic knowledge in the field of Logistics, Transportation and Distribution
  • To contribute to the development and innovation of the firm’s Supply Chain
  • To keep up with the most recent trends and developments in global logistics
  • To have an effective impact on the firm’s bottom line, eliminating waste in distribution by means of techniques such as Lean Logistic, Six Sigma
  • To appropriately handle the risks associated with distribution


Full program

The CLTD programme is divided into 8 modules:

  1. Logistics and Supply Chain Overview
  2. Capacity Planning and Demand Management
  3. Order Management
  4. Inventory and Warehouse Management
  5. Transportation
  6. Global Logistics Considerations
  7. Logistics Network Design
  8. Reverse Logistics and Sustainability


To learn more about APICS CLTD download our brochure.


APICS CLTD training courses in Europe

WHERE: JPS offers public courses for limited numbers in major Italian and European cities and private in-house courses in venues and dates agreed with the client. To know more about APICS CLTD public course and how to arrange an in-house APICS CLTD training course contact us at: formazione@jpsconsulting.it.

WHEN: The training course lasts 2 months overall, and consists of 5 days in the classroom, one every 2 weeks. At the end of the course, the participant is ready to take the accreditation exam. APICS CLTD program is also available as CLTD Bundle.

HOW: JPS is the Premier Channel Partner of APICS and uses only original APICS training materials, developed on the basis of international best practice and the experience of the instructors and programme coordinators. Training sessions are highly interactive and engaging, to maximise learning.

WHO: JPS is a European leader in Operations and Supply Chain training. In this capacity, JPS is Premier Channel Partner of APICS – the most prestigious community for professional development and certification in the sector – and a Partner of the S&OP Institute. For each discipline, JPS selects instructors from its team on the basis of their specific skills and experience. JPS is the ideal partner for achieving APICS certification: its team of instructors is one of the five largest in Europe. Through its Master Instructor Training, JPS also offers training opportunities for other European APICS trainers and APICS International Channel Partners.


Calendar 2021


registrations: formazione@jpsconsulting.it


Live Webinar (ita)

first wave: 22/1 – 29/1 – 5/2 – 12/2 – 19/2 – 26/2 – 5/3 – 12/3 – 19/3 – 26/3

second wave: 7/5 – 14/5 – 21/5 – 28/5 – 4/6 – 11/6 – 18/6 – 25/6 – 2/7 – 9/7

Live Webinar (En)

second wave: 6/5 – 13/5 – 20/5 – 27/5 – 3/6 – 10/6 – 17/6 – 24/6 – 1/7  -8/7


second wave: 28/5 – 11/6 – 25/6 – 09/7 – 23/7


first wave: 19/03 – 01/04 – 16/04 – 30/04 – 14/05

second wave: 17/9 – 1/10 – 15/10 – 29/10 – 12/11

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