21 April 2021

APICS e-Learning courses

APICS Annual Conference, September 30, 2018, Chicago – APICS officially announces ASCM, the Association for Supply Chain Management and introduces the main projects that will involve ASCM, companies and Supply Chain experts. APICS will remain the leading brand for education and will improve its programs and opportunities. Among those, APICS e-Learning courses draw attention.


Corsi online Supply Chain APICS e-Learning


How APICS e-Learning program works

Many candidates to APICS exams usually prefer to attend a training course to make more effective their learning experience. But they don’t know whether they will be able to participate to every lesson. Candidates to APICS certifications are usually busy professionals with busy appointment schedules. So, by the side of self-study programs and regular training courses, APICS launches its e-Learning courses, to help candidates to feel more and more comfortable while studying to obtain a CPIM, CSCP or CLTD certification.

We added to our catalogue APICS e-Learning courses. This new way of studying will be available for any certification programs starting from 2019. You will be able to participate to a public course remotely.

Vantaggi e-learning APICSPros and cons: To name a few pros, you will just need an internet connection. You will just need to connect to the training course web-area and attend the lesson. You will be able to interact with the class and the instructor, by staying at home, or wherever you are. Another positive impact is the high time and cost saving, and an even higher flexibility. There are no cons in this project, your remote training experience will be an high quality one.


Accedere a e-learning APICSHow to attend a lesson remotely: You will be able to choose from time to time whether you want to attend the lesson in person. Otherwise you will be able to access to your web-area and participate to the class remotely. You will just need to ask our customer service to activate your APICS e-Learning course.


APICS e-Learning courses: coming soon 2019… Let’s keep in touch!

We will let you know once APICS e-Learning option will be available.

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