JPS is the ideal business partner for companies in the design of evolutionary pathways marked by organizational and operational features and support when implementing change. Our target are mainly manufacturing companies without an internal structure dedicated to change or compelled to depend on external expertise for techniques needed, proper planning and management including corporate resources, and more particularly manufacturing planning and control.
JPS’ consultancy projects are as follows:

  • re-engineering companies’ operating models, with a focus on individual functional activities, cross functional business processes or cross integration processes (roles, resources, activities and tools), to achieve effective and efficient objectives;
  • optimizing planning systems of materials and production resources, in relation to the strategic positioning of the client with respect to its target market (defining the structure of the Operations and the Supply Chain related to the minimum “total cost”);
  • introducing management methods geared to the creation of customer value by reducing waste – Lean Manufacturing – and variable processes – Six Sigma – ;
  • implementing cost accounting models for products cost control/services and verifying its average margin.

The  strengths of  JPS for corporate customers support in their development includes:

  • over fifteen years of consolidated experience with companies from various industrial manufacturing and service sectors, Italian or international;
  • in-depth knowledge of the tools and techniques used in the various manufacturing planning and control systems;
  • network of skilled partners and professionals who efficiently resolve the need for resources or specific expertise on projects; JPS business model based on customer focus and creating life-time customers.


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