JPS’s APICS Lean Enterprise program aims to meet increasing needs in both manufacturing and services sectors to optimize operating processes in order to maximize value for customers and minimize waste.

For decades, the Lean methodology has brought outstanding results for companies in a great variety of sectors. For this reason, APICS has developed the specific program APICS Lean Enterprise to make a first step in the right direction, to adequately train people who will then implement the method.

The APICS Lean Enterprise course, in addition to establishing a solid theoretical foundation, provides tools for:

  • assessing whether and how far a company is ready to implement the Lean methodology
  • building practical experience in applying Lean concepts more effectively to the real-world work environment
  • developing a sustainable project to implement the methodology in the company.


APICS Lean Enterprise training course

The course includes many practical activities and “hands-on”  business simulations, through which you will not only become familiar with theoretical concepts, but will also see how to apply them and see immediate results.

The training program is divided into seven modules:

1. Introduction  – An overview of all the components of a Lean transformation project, to assess the company’s readiness to begin the transformation.

2. Lean culture – Analysis of the effects of a Lean implementation on personnel and team dynamics needed to trigger the change directly in the field. Additionally, this module introduces the concept of the Kaizen event.

3.Value Stream Mapping – This module studies techniques for mapping the generation of added value by clearly identifying activities that contribute positively and those that add no value. The participant will learn Value Stream Mapping, both in the definition of “Current State” and that of “Future State”.

4. Stability and Process Improvements – This module  teaches techniques to improve the stability of processes and a corresponding stability of demand in order to achieve concrete goals of greater efficiency, both in productive and support activities.

5. Just-in-time – In this module, the focus is on the determination of customer demand, on standardization of the method, on the balancing of lines and on other techniques that facilitate a Pull-Type production. Participants will learn, among other techniques,  the Heijunka technique for production programming through a specific “hands-on” training activity.

6. Measuring – This module analyzes the measurement logic of Lean companies. In this way, the participant learns how to define objectives and monitor results in a coherent way. Topics covered include lean accounting, inventory costs, target costs and lead time.

7. Sustaining – The final module studies methods to trigger the change and sustain improvements over the medium and long term, going beyond operating processes to include lean design, failure analysis, quality control and continuous improvement.


APICS Lean Enterprise course: how to participate

WHERE: JPS offers public courses for limited numbers in major Italian cities and private in-house courses in venues and dates agreed with the client. Contact us for further information.

HOW: JPS is the Premier Channel Partner of APICS and uses only original APICS training materials, developed on the basis of international best practice and the experience of the instructors and programme coordinators. Training sessions are highly interactive and engaging, to maximise learning.

WHO: JPS is a European leader in Operations and Supply Chain training. In this capacity, JPS is Premier Channel Partner of APICS – the most prestigious community for professional development and certification in the sector – and a Partner of the S&OP Institute. For each discipline, JPS selects instructors from its team on the basis of their specific skills and experience. JPS is the ideal partner for achieving APICS certification: its team of instructors is one of the five largest in Europe. Through its Master Instructor Training, JPS also offers training opportunities for other European APICS trainers and APICS International Channel Partners.


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