21 April 2021

APICS CPIM, the renewed certification program

Since October 2017, APICS CPIM program includes only 2 modules and exams

APICS launched in 2017 a renewed proposal for the popular APICS CPIM certification program. With a strong customer focused approach, it guarantess cost & time saving for candidates who wish to achieve the CPIM certification. A faster preparation to the final test, assures a higher Return On Investment. The body of knowledge, the content and the skills you are going to certify will be positively affected.

JPS, APICS CPIM nuova configurazione

What really changed in APICS CPIM program?

APICS CPIM was a 5 modules program:

  • Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM)
  • Master Planning of Resources (MPR)
  • Detailed Scheduling and Planning (DSP)
  • Execution and Control of Operations (ECO)
  • Strategic Management of Resources (SMR)

To achieve the certification – APICS Certified in Production & Inventory Management – candidates were supposed to take 5 exams, one for each module. Thanks to the renewed APICS CPIM program, candidates must take only 2 exams:

  • CPIM Part 1, the intermediate exam (150 questions to be completed in 3.5 h, differently from the old program that rather included 105 question to be completed within 3 h).
  • CPIM Part 2, the final test (150 questions – 3.5 h to complete the test), quite the opposite of the old program that was composed by 4 exams including 80 questions each to be taken in just 3 h.

The whole training course was drawn to opitimze the time spent in attending any lessons. The aim is to facilitate candidates by offering a lean education program. In addition, the training experience was enriched through more interaction between trainers and learners.

APICS CPIM training course has become a set of study tools, including more online content, such as videos and exam simulation, to make the education program more effective.

Before APICS CPIM was reconfigured, candidates should take their exams towards Pearson VUE test centers during a few preset periods. Since 2017, candidates are able to take the exams whenever they wish by scheduling in advance the appointment with the test center.


What if I took the BSCM exam in the past?

If you achieved BSCM certification within January 2018, you are still in time to get ready for APICS CPIM Part 2. BSCM designation is valid for 10 years and must be completed with CPIM Part 2 – new program – to be Certified in Production and Inventory Management.

Important note: If you were attending APICS CPIM training courses – old configuration – you have time until December, 31st 2018 to take all the 5 single exams (BSCM, MPR, DSP, ECO, SMR).


To discover more about APICS CPIM, visit our courses and programs.

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